Learn How to Manage Your Money and Make a Difference 

GIVE's courses will show you how to manage your money and invest like a financial advisor, and how to use your resources to give and invest in a better world. GIVE offers three courses to the public: Financial Planning, Giving, and Impact Investing. The courses can be taken individually, but we recommend taking them in this order if used together. By creating a financial plan first, and then identifying what causes you want to support, you will be better able to implement what you learn in the Impact Investing Course.

The Courses

Financial Planning and Investing Course

The Financial Planning and Investing course is taught by a financial advisor who shows you step by step how to manage your money. This course can be used by individuals who already have financial advisors or who don’t even know where to start. You will set goals, understand your net worth and cash flow, learn about goals based investing, and create a financial and investment plan. You will be able to use this plan for the Giving and Impact Investing Courses.

Giving of Yourself Course

The Giving Course is for individuals with any level of wealth who want to donate, volunteer, and advocate for a better world. You will learn how to choose nonprofit partners and create a giving plan. It is a mistake to think that only those who have a lot can give a lot. There are different ways to give, whether it is your time, energy, or resources. Giving is an opportunity for everyone, because you matter, your choices matter, and we have to work together as a community to move forward. 

Sustainable and Impact Investing Course

The Sustainable and Impact Investing Course will teach you how to invest with impact across asset classes (including the Sustainable Development Goals with a focus on climate change and social justice). Whether you only have a bank account or if you are an accredited investor, you will learn what impact investing is, and how to do it. $1 in $3 under management in the US is now invested sustainably, as investors both large and small are choosing to invest with their values. Sustainable and impact investments also tend to be better investments. Studies show that sustainable investments perform as well, if not better than traditional investments.

Until now, there has not been a platform that provided objective guidance for all levels of wealth. You will only find independent and objective information in the courses. GIVE is here to support you, not to sell to you.